Teddy Bear Artists: S

S.S. Sugar Bears by Sheila Schuchert

Sadie Bear Creations

Sally Anne Bears by Sandra Hobbs

Sambrook Bears by Mandy Sambrook

Sandy's Bearly Bruins by Sandra Dineen

Sankar Bears and Buddies ™ by Sandra Dickl

Sanny Bears by Gudrun Didszilatis

Sarah Beara Bears by Sarah Neuscheler

Sarah's Bears of Cambridge by Sarah Cox

Sarah's Bruins by Sarah Jane Cousins

Saras Bears by Sarah Woods

SarBears by Sarah Pendergrast

Sassy Bears and Fabrics by Stephanie Sarsfield

Savannah Bear

Scallywag Bears

Schnuffi Bären by Liana Scherrer

Scratching at the Window creations by Karen Waschinski

Scruffie Bears by Susan Pryce

Seamore Collectibles by Penney Ahmed

Seraphim Bears by Michele Seraphim

Sersha Bears by Serieta Harrell

Seventh Heaven Teddies by Ruth Parsons

Sewing Stars

Shantock Bears by Elanor Andrews

Shar Bear's Lair by Shari Murphy

Shayko Toys

Shazanne Bears by Sharon Jones

Shea Bruins by Rita Shea-Steed

Sheila Leigh Bears by Sheila Leigh

Shells Bear Cottage by Shelley Knodel

Shelly Lampshire Originals

Sher's Bears by Sherri and Pam Wilkie

Short Stuff Bears by Suzanne Morris

Shultz Characters by Paula Strethill-Smith

Sierra Meadows Bears by Gail S. Thomas

Siggi-Bears by Sigrid Skomudek

Silly Bear by Aleta Breese

Simple Blessings Bears by Sheryl Wells

Simpler Thymes by Pamela Small

Simply Victoria Bruin Beings by Victoria J. Dickinson

Sleepy Hollow Bears by Anja McGowan

Snufftown Bears by Joan Jacobsen

Some Bears and Other Beasts by Beth Diane Hogan

Sonia Hall Scott Bears

Soo Bears by Suzanne Carroll

Sophie Z'Ours

Southsea Bears by Diane Gale

Southway Bears by Sue Southway

Starick Bears by Kim McDonald

Starlite Bears by Anne Russell

Steiner Bears by Heidi Steiner

Stewart Studios by Deborah Stewart

Stine Teddies by Stine Birkeland

Stockton Bears by Ruth Stockton

Stony Lake Bear Co. by Betty Dunford

Storytime Creations by Jodi Moisan

Studio 70 by Loris Hancock

SuBEARstition Teddies by Laurel Rudolph

Sue Bears by Sue Weiland

Sueyi's Bears by Sueyi Tam

Sugar Bears and Co. by Katherine Millingar

Sugar Bears by Brioletta Young

Sugar Shack Surprise by Belinda Rosee

Sunnie Bears by Sonya Shaw

Susan's Bear Necessities by Susan Alexander Llauget

Svenstrup Originalz by Christina Svenstrup

SVGartistBears by Shayne V Greenman

Swan Valley Bears by Patty Barone

Sycamore Bears by Nicky Bacon

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