Teddy Bear Artists: P-R

Petra Plaas Designs by Petra Plaas

Pandy Potter Bears by Amanda Withington

Past Time Bears by Sue Ann Holcomb

Pat Bears by Patty Demper

Patricia Bruce Bears by Patricia Bruce

Patscrafts Original Fur Bears

Patsy Lake Bears by Patsy Lake

Paw Lines Bears by Joy Surgenor

Paw Prints of Northampton by Claire and Jeff Keen

Paws by Paulette by Paulette Boomsma

Paws Four A Hug by Gay Moller

Paws N Time Bears by Linda Nelson

Paws N Time by Patricia Woliver

Pawsibly Yours? by Marcie Redgwell

Pawssibles by Jo Smith

PB Creations by Linda Adams

Peachtree Cottage by Mary Robinson

Peanut-n-Bean Bears by Susan Davis

Pearl Button Bears by Julie Fellows

Pearl's Bears by Pearl Hamilton

Pedigrees Royal by Lisa Pay

Peng Peng Bears by Peng Peng

Penny Bears by Penny Pienaar

Personality Plus Bears by Mary-ann Hobman

Piega Baer by Simone Wouterse

Pijangi Bears by Birgitte Nemler

Pinney Bears by Margaret Jackson

Pipaluck Bears by April Yelland

Plum Cottage Bears by Gail Thomas

Polle-Bären by Solvey Pfeifer

Polly Bears by Mabel Watts

Pookie Bears by Lin Chamberlain

Posh Paws by Nita Bruce

Potbelly Bears by Shelli Heinemann

Pottershouse Bears by Millie Potter

Prince Bishop Bears by Jenny Walton

Princess4Paws Designs and Creations by Marge Wiese

Puca Bears by Maria Collin

Quiet Companions by Karen O'Brien

Quilts-N-Critters by Marilyn Wagner

Rabbits and Ribbons by Sharon Warren

Rag Tag Teddies by Julie Quon

Raggy Rat Company by Catherine Owen

Rainy Day Bear Co. by Nancy Lee Smith

RaspBearies by Kristine Holmberg

Raspbeary Bears of Bearen Forest by Darlene Adams Allen

Ready Teddy Go! ® by Amanda and Jay Griffiths

Real Deal Bears by Christine Healey

Rebekah Clifford Bears by Rebekah Clifford

Red Land Bear Co. by Mark and Sandy Hudson

Reid Bears by Halcyon Reid

Reves d'ours by Pascale Nowicki

Richland Bears by Richard van Aalst

Rose Bear Cottage by Debbie Quinones

Rosey Day Bears by Rosey Day

Rosey's Bears by Rosey Tanniry

Ruby Mountain Bears by Kathy Taylor

Rufnut Teddy's by Karen Salton

Ruin's Bruins by Robin Ruinsky

Russell Bears by Kim Russell

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