Teddy Bear Artists: J-K

J.A. Bruins Dzigns

J.M.R. Bears by Joyce Robinson

Jabelow Bears by Faye Low

Jac-Q-Lyn Bears by Jacqui Ellerton

Jan's Warm Fuzzies by Jan Alford

Jane Perala Teddies by Jane Perala

Janet and Bears by Janet Ann Anderson

JanNetty's Bears

Jantina's Handmade Cute Bears

Jare Hare and Bears by Jared Monroe

Jazzbears by Virginia Jasmer

Jazzy Rags by Fran Wollongong

JCW Bears and Furry Friends by Jacqui Wickendon

Jeffles Bears by Jeff Pattison

Jellybelly Bears by Sarah Medina

Jenn Docherty Handmade Felt by Jenn Docherty

Jo and Co. by Jo Scott

Jody Bears by Jody Spencer

JRB Creations by Jeannette Bashore

Judith G. Collection by Judy Wiley

Judy's Raggedy Country by Judy Johnson

Julz Bearz by Julie Lawton

JuneBears by June Vogel

Just Tiny Tedz by Julie Beveridge

Just Us Bears by Hayley Justice

K P Bear by Lena Burghardt

K.M. Bears by Kerren Morris

Kalina Bears by Rhonda Woodward

Kassie Bears by Kassity Allison

Kat's Originals by Kat Michalski

Katbears by Kat Finkey

Katie Rae Bears by Katherine Hallam

KatieCountryBears by Kay Holroyd

Katt Bears

Kaz Bears by Karen Brentnall

Kelamee Bears by Michelle Nash

Kelli's Kollectibles by Kelli Kilby

Kesseys Bears

Kessi-Baeren by Karin u. Bernd Hagemeister

Keuns and Bears by Karen

Kids and Teddy Too by Bonnie Foster

Kim-Bee Bears by Kimberly Bonsall

Kingston Bears by Susie James

Kiprie Bears by Marie Diane Okamura

Kislingbears by Ellen Kislingbury

Kitzbühel Bears by Elisabeth Werner

KJ Lyons Design by Karen Lyons

Knit with Love by Joan Salomon

Knuffelbears by Claudia Bertram

Koboldbären by Yvette Ditscher

Kooter Boo Cubs by Shelley Knodel

Kran-Beary's by Nancy Tillberg

Kreageeth Teddy Bears by Ageeth Dorsman

Kristek Bears by Iva Jean Kristek

KSK Furever Yours by Kathy S. Kluges

Kukabeara's by Suzie Kuka

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