Teddy Bear Artists: H-I

Hager Bears by Donna Hager

Hairy Hugs by Amanda

Haja Bears by Jannie Hansman

Handmade Bears by Lyndee Lou

Handmade by Carrie by Carrie Wilmot

Hankie Bears by Jean Clements

Hanna Bears by Karen Cwayna

Hanna Bruce Bears by Hanna Hach

Happy Hug by Viky Petermann

Happy Little Souls by Melissa Kemp

Happy Tymes Collection by Beverly White

Harding Syred Bears by Jo Duckworth

Have a Heart by Carla Kulka

Haven Bears by Alison Beal

HeartBeat Bears by Marie Ashton

Heartfelt Bears by Sonya Heron

Heather Jayne Designs

Heidel Bears by Heike Boam

Heike Boam and Bears by Heike Boam

Heir Bears by Jane Woodard

Helena Teddy Bears by Helena Oberholzer

Here a Bear There a Bear by Lydia Massarelli

Hidden Valley Basketwerks

Higgys Bears by Emelia

Hill Country Bears by Sandy Wilkins

Hinz Bears by Marta Hinz

Holdingham Bears by Barbara Daughtrey

Holidays by Sandy Holiday

Homebrewed Bears by Leith Macdonald

Honey Bears by Andrea Schröder

Honeycups by Barbara Cardwell

Honeythorpe Bears by Melissa Toohey

Hoo Bears by Helen Oliver

Hooked on Bears by Sarah Jane

Horsforth Bears by Kathryn and Howard Carlisle

Hotzenbaerle by Beate Eisenberg

Hucklebeary Patch by JoAnne K Harnden

Hugs by Pat ® LLC by Pat Kapral

Hugs Unlimited by Dawn James

Humble Crumble Bears by Vicky Allum

Hummelbears by Roswitha Ploen

Hunny, Haycorns and Thistles by Kristie Bonner

Huwi Bears by Corinne Locher

In Stitches by Susan McCay

Inge Bears by Ingrid Els

Ingrid Teddy Bears

Irvine Bears by Caren Fields

Issy Bears by Carole Richardson

Izzy's Cubs by Izzy Shaw

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