Teddy Bear Artists: D-G

Dana's Tiny Teddies by Dana Ardiel

Danger Bears

Danielynne Bears by Bonnie Stafford

Dari Laut Bears by Patricia Anne Banks

De Geschenkmand

Debbies Bears by Debbie Diment

Debonaire Bears by Marie McDermott

Delartful Bears by Danni Whatford

Denholme Bears by Phil Knowles

Dens Teds by Denise Hayes

Desertmountainbear by Joanne Livingston

Do Do Bears by Doreen Pyatt

Dog Patch Critters by Nancy

Dolls N Dreams by Tami Lahey

Dolores Bears by Demuynck Maria-Dolores

Domi-Bar by Doris Minuth

Donna and the Bears by Donna Griffin

Donna's Duins Bruins by Donna Mettling

Donna's Teddy Bears by Donna Duncan

Doodlebears by Jane Martin

Draffin Bears by Carolyn Green

Dragonslair Bears by Jackie Ryan

Driftwood Bears by Jaccy Thomas

Dufeu Bear by Eva and G√ľnter Dufeu

durrerBears andmore by Silvia Durrer

Dusty Attic Bears by Chloe Wilson

Dusty Bear by Penny Kayes

DZ Bears by Donna Ziemons-McGinn

E Willoughby Bear Company by Anne Cranshaw

East Bench Bears by Anita Spero

Eastcape Bears by Kit Mills

Ebber So Lovely Bear by Susan Shells (Ebberson)

Ecce Otto by Corinne Otto

Eden Bears by Elaine Hirst

EJ's Crafts by Eva Summers

Elaine G. Bears by Elaine Greenwood

Elegant Creations by Vicky Lougher

Elfin Bears by Gijzette Strickland

Elimae Bears by Elin Anstey

Elizbet Bears by Aileen Terry

Elk's Bears by Lynne Chandony

Ellen Borggreve Design

Ellie Bears by Ellie Covell

Elliott's Bears by Emily Elliott

EmBears by Ellen MacMaster

Emma's Bears

Emo Bears

Enchanted Bears by Sue Yale

Eribaer's Teddycastle

Errrant Bears by Lyn Elton-Baker

Eskole Noombas by Alicia Quek

Essential Bears by Wendy and Megan Chamberlain

Estelle's Canal Bears

eTeddys by Alison McKee

Everlasting Bears by Joan Farrelly

Expressions by Linda Ashcraft

F.J. Hannay Bears by Melanie and Paul Newton

Fairhaven Bears by Delores Wrathall

Fairywood Bears by Sabine Schmidt

Family Tree Bears by Joanne C. Mitchell

Felted Bear by Alecia Edwards

Finhold Gallery

Finnteddy by Susanne Mensing-Varila

Floridian Bears

Flutter-By Bears by Ruth Bowman

Flying Fur Studios by Heather Wing

Folies d'Ours by Veronique Dubosc

Fools Gold Bears by Laure Weltsch

Fourcrows Art and Photography

Fred-I-Bear by Lynette Kennedy

Freedom Bears by June Edwards

Furry Friends by Marianne Colijn

Gabby Bears by Norma Jean Wheeler

Galli Bear Collection by Vivianne Galli

Gatehouse Gallery by Glenys Alexander

Gemstone Bears by Lesley Stone

Georgie Bears by Georgina Edwards

Gingerbread Teddies by Rosemary Goodman

Gizmo Bears by Diane Bester

Gooseberry Bears by Ricky Smit

Gosfield Bears by Barbara Kerry

Gotobed Bears by Penny J Davis

Grandpa's Memory ô

Gretchen McKillip Originals by Gretchen McKillip

Grumpie's Corner Bears by Barbara Horst

Guardian Angel Bears by Susie Bedford-Stradling


Guys and Dolls by Sherry Kozil

Gylls Bears

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