Teddy Bear Artists: C

C and M Bearhugs

C. Riffenberg Bear Co. by Jane Monroe

Cakewalk Creations by Diane Lundgren

Cala Bear Den by Carola Lange

Caledonian Bears by Alex and Cass MacDougall

Calvina Walsh Miniature Teddy Bears by Calvina Walsh

Candi Bears by Candi Taylor

Canna Bear Paint by Margaret Mount-Zimmerman and Kelly Zimmerman

Capital Bears by Shelley Keele and Johanne Vachon

Capt-e-vating Bears by Lesly Catsicadellis

Carebearleigh by Ellen Scusa

Carnaby Bears by Naomi Watkins

Caro Baeren by Carola Herbst

Carson Creations by Wanda Carson

Casemere Bears by Rachel Radman

Cath Wood Teddies by Cath Wood

Caya's Cubs by Catherine Kirkwood Gabriel

CC Bears by Cindy Cherry

CeesBears by Celia Newboult

Changle Bears by Janet Changfoot

Chantal's Bears Creations by Chantal Giroux

Charisma Bears by Chrissy Roberts

Charming Bears by Mony Vesseur

Chasha's Teddy Bears and Santas

Chatham Village Bears by Art Rogers

Cheltenhambears by Sue Rowe

Cher's Bears by Cheri Olney

Cheri's Little Bits and Bears by Cheri Sperl

Cherry Bears by Yvonne A. Cherry

China Cupboard Bears and Designs by Cindy McGuire

Chris and Mag's Bears by Mae Bond and Christine Demund-Bond

Christine Pike Bears by Christine Pike

Christy's Bears by Christy Firmage

Chucky Bears by Cherylyn Turner

Clancy Bears by Jan Clancy

Claywood Bears by Joyce Woodward

CMR Huggables Ltd. by Celia M. Roberts

Cobblestone Creations by Laura Mae

Cobweb Cottage by Barbara Allen

Coco Bears by Keirra Marshall

Collector's Bears by Helga Torfs

Cook's Cubs by Jane S. Cook

Cookie's Critters by Donna Nielsen

Cooni Bears by Ingrid Finck

Cordelia Bears by Lynn Cordell

Corinium Bears

Cornelia Bears by Cornelia de Brabander

Country Bears by Clare Davis-Tedd

Creative Design Studio by Roberta Kasnick Ripperge

Creative Stitches by Dina Denning

Cross Foot Bears

Cubcakes Miniature Teddy Bears by Nancy McNally

Cupboard Bears by Elizabeth Lloyd

Curio Bears by Debbie Robinson

Custom Teddys by Vicki Peres

Cute N Cuddly Bears by Debi Montgomery

The Country Bear by Jay Hadly

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