Teddy Bear Artists: B

BrendaBears by Brenda Parker

B.A. Bears

Babcock Bears by Pat Berkowitch

Back Road Bears by Daphne Blau

Baggaley Bears by Vicki Fletcher-Baggaley

Bainbridge Bears by Donna Hinkelman

Baker and Co. Designs, Ltd. by Lori Ann Baker

Balfour Bears by Trisha Balfour

Bambridge Bears

Barb's Creations by Barb Mulnix

Barbara Ann Bears by Barbara Cunningham

Bare Bears

Bare Cub Designs by Helen Gleeson

Barebelly Bears by Tina Werner

Barenliebe Teddys

Barrel Bears

Barrister Bears by Laura Olson

Barron Bears by Sharon Barron

Bayside Bears by Mary Lou Foley

Bück-Bären by Irene Bück

Beani Bears by Janette Wilson

Bear All by Laura Unrau

Bear Bahoochie by Kateri Wilson

Bear Bits by Jean and Bill Ashburner

Bear Bottom Heirloom Bears by Gail Griffiths

Bear Bottoms Originals By Kimberly Whitlock

Bear Faced Cheek! by Lisa Davis

Bear Guys by Shane Elliott and Steven Clark

Bear Hug Bears by Yvonne Caldwell

Bear Hugs 4u2! by Robin Long

Bear Me Shootka by Julia Kovalchouk

Bear Necessities Originals by Luralee Wheatley

Bear Paws by Jody Tokioka

Bear Paws by Roxanne Propp

Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne

Bear with Me Enterprises by Gail Hancock

Bear-faced Lies by Charlotte Deadman

Beardsley Bears by Deborah Beardsley Elertson

Bearhaven Bears by Deborah Burnham

BearHeart Teddies by Anne Paelman

Bearied Treasures by Dolores Austin

Bearistocrats by Susan Conacher

Bearitz by Janice Davidson

Bearkidz by Marion Fraile

Bearlissimo Bears by Nam Dinnar

Bearloom Teddies by Carol Titus

Bearly Sane by Sandi Smith

Bearly There Creations by Felicity Clarke

Bearly Unique by Janet Russell

Bearlyville Bears by Vicki-Lynn Smith

Bearmini Bears by Marjorie L. Kaiser

Bears 2 Share by Sherry Marshall

Bears by Ann Bradley

Bears by Armella M. Dana

Bears by Beesley by Garnet and Louise Carrick

Bears by Beth Anne Martin

Bears by Eve

Bears by Jodi by Jodi Falk

Bears by Laura Boeck-Singers

Bears by Raglets by Angie Tait

Bears by Sindie Smith

Bears by Susan Gam

Bears by Teri Crews

Bears for Tea by Mary Crawford

Bears from No. 27 by Renate Hanisch

Bears from the Boot by Lisa Pianigiani

Bears in Miniature by Vicki Farmilo

Bears in the Gruff by Betsy Reum

Bears n Bows by Kirsten Evans

Bears N Stitches by Lorraine McLeod

Bears of the Abbey by Susan and Mark McKay

Bears Unlimited Inc. by Judy Zuchetto

Bears Upon Soar by Lisa Wills

Bears-a-Bruin by Helena Cowell

Beartracks by Janet Johnson

Beary Best Friends by Jody Battaglia

Beary Lovely Bears by Susan Shells

Beary Treasures' Bears by Lori Hogan

Beate Bears by Beate Rusch-Nann

Beatrix Bears by Beatrix Harries

BeauT Bears by Marianne Risseeuw

Bebe Bears by Linda Fulmer

Beckoning Bears by Tammy Wamboldt

Beckoning Bears by Tammy Wamboldt

Beddingfield Bears by Joanne Jeffs

Beddytears by Lee Ann Blumenshine

Bedspring Bears by Anne Thomas and Amanda Davies

Bells Stuff by Sheryl D'Ath

Bellybutton Bears

Benebears by Mary Tornabene

Benjamin Bears by Sarah and Tom Bodfish

Bentley and Buddies by Nancy and Doug Dane

Benton Street Bears by Kerry Deverill

Bereguod by Jenny and Petra Postma

Berenatelier Kattekopje by Cat Maessen

Best Dressed Bears

Beth Anne Bears by Beth Anne Franco

Bev's Bears by Bev Dodd

Bibby Bears by Libby Dickinson

Bickerton Bears by Beryle Tidey

Big Feet Bears by Ruth Kilby

Billington Bears by Barbara and Clare

Bine Teddies by Sabine Stoehr

Bizzy Bee Creations by Debby

Black Forest Bears by Rita Drolet

Blacklick Bears and Embroidery by Jackie Morris

Blee Bears by Maria Blee

Blondheart by Kelly Dauterman

Blue Valley Bears by Susan Mitchell

BlueBeary Bears by Angie Züffle

Bocs Teganau by Sue Schoen

Boefje Bears by Anna Koetse

Booh Bears by Janice Woodard

Bookshelf Bears by Crystal Smythe

Borggreve Designs by Ellen Borggreve

Bowjangle Bears

Bowley Bears by Dian Bowley

Box Your Bears by Alison McGahon

Bracken Bears by Julia Horton

Bradberry Bears by Loralea Bradberry

Bradgate Bears by Judy Follows

Bradley Bears by Michele Partridge

Bragg About Bears by Victoria and Chad Bragg

Bramley Bears by Julia Clarke

Brewer's Bruins by Andrea Brewer

Brierley Bears by Kat Vardy

Bright Bears by Tessa Altenburg

Brigits Bears by Brigit and Robbie Charles

BriPa-Bären by Brigitte Paul

Brookside Bears by Sharyn and David Hutchins

Brotherwood Bears by Sue Brotherwood

Brown Brehm Bears by Kelly Brown Brehm

Bruijntje Bear Designs by Liesbeth de Bruijn

Bruin Mischief by Sarah Forrest

Bryony Bears by Karen Newman

Bubs Bears by Abby Miller

Buckeye Bruins by Lee Ann Shollenberger

Buckie Bears by Niki Sadler

Budd Bears Boutique by Jo- Ann Girard

Bumble Bears by Fiona Wells

Bumpkin Bears by Catherine Young

Bundle of Joy Bears

Burlington Bears by Tania Fish

Burtonian Bears by Sharon Mellor

Busser Bears by Leeann Snyder

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